Japanese Craft Beer from Kanazawa

Great gifts from nature. The premium beer with home grown barley.


Pale Ale

LMade with homegrown six-row barley from Ishikawa, Japan. The well-balanced bitterness of the hops and malt goes great with any food, including sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Malt : Ishikawa Six-Row
Hops : Saaz, Cascade
Original Gravity : 1.048
Alcohol by Vol. : 5.0%
IBU: 22  Color : Golden Serving
Temperature : Cold (4°C)
Available in :330 ml bottles & 350 ml cans

Koshihikari Ale

Its mild, pleasant comes from the Koshihikari rice adjunct. Koshihikari Ale is easy to drink, with the refreshing flavor of Japanese craft beer. Goes well with salad and light appetizers, as well as sushi.

Malt : Ishikawa Two-Row
Adjunct : Koshihikari Rice
Hops : Fuggle, Hersbrucker
Original Gravity : 1.040
Alcohol by Vol. : 4.5%
IBU : 19 Color : Light gold
Serving Temperature: Cold (4°C)
Available in:330 ml bottles & 350 ml cans


Dark Ale

Features the bitterness of well-blended hops and home-grown Ishikawa six-row malt for the full-bodied flavor of a traditional dark beer. Great with meat and Western dishes.

Malt : Ishikawa Six-Row,Chocolate, Crystal, Roasted
Hops : Challenger
Original Gravity : 1.055
Alcohol by Vol. : 5.5%
IBU: 34  Color : Dark
Serving Temperature : Cool (8°C)
Available in :330 ml bottles & 350 ml cans


The unique fruity flavor and rich creaminess of this beer distinguish it from other cloudy weizens. Brewed using Ishikawa six-row barley and the newly developed Yuki-Chikara local wheat from Komatsu, Japan.

Malts: Ishikawa Six-Row (barley), Ishikawa Yukichikara (wheat)
Hops: Saaz
Original Gravity: 1.048
Alcohol by Vol.: 5.0%
IBU: 13 Color: Golden
Serving Temperature: Cool (8°C)
Available in: 330 ml bottles


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